Red leopard in the morning

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 1, 2013 18:47:43 March 1, 2013 18:47:43

Why not?

It’s our Mimi. And she’s making the rounds on the morning shows, presumably to promote American Idol. Heard she was amazing on Kelly & Michael this morning which starts here on the West Coast in a few minutes. Will set the PVR and enjoy later with a glass of wine.

Have you been watching Idol?

I don’t even bother with the performances. My favourite parts are the judge’s comments. Because when they go out on a wide shot while Nicki is talking, or when Mimi is talking, the expressions on their faces is what keeps me coming back. Nicki is usually either rolling her eyes or smirking during Mimi’s useless remarks. Mimi’s face is pure sanctimony, like, oh my God, I am dealing with a child.

As I noted yesterday though, Mimi is struggling on Idol, not because of the lighting or the camera work but because she totally sucks when she’s expected to have things to say about someone else. It’s like the ability to communicate suddenly leaves her. Sometimes it seems as though she’s had a stroke. And then, miraculously, when the opportunity to turn the conversation back to herself materialises, the words flow freely, no problem.

Last night, when it was her turn to tell some dude how he did, this was her feedback:

I could see you coming to my house.


What does that have to do with singing?

Don’t answer that. It’s pointless. You are not meant to understand.

Just look. Look at her tottering around in her red leopard print coat like it’s some kind of Minnie Mouse imitation and go into your weekend, happy.

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