I had the best morning today. Because I spent a few minutes at Mimi’s house. It’s early. And you know the Mimi schedule, right? Mimi doesn’t do mornings. If she has to do the morning, it’s a f-cking production. So, why not bring the production to her, so that she doesn’t actually have to leave her own home? 


Then you have to interview Mimi in her negligee.

Here. Even if you missed it in the am, make this your joy in the pm. Our lovely, our precious, our buttefly invited The Today Show into her “family room” that no one ever goes into because, oh f-ck, I don’t know. You try to make sense of the reason. And then try to make sense of the way she “downplayed” her shoulder injury.

Remember when Mimi never talked at all about how she f-cked up her arm? Remember when Mimi didn’t wear all those tricked out arm slings? Remember when Mimi NEVER suffered?

It was because she was stoic. We’ve used a lot of adjectives on Mimi over the years but it’s a first time for “stoic”. She’s STOIC.

And we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of All I Want For Christmas.

And there are pink peonies all over her tree that bloom only 3 weeks of the year so she probably has them flown in fresh every day.

Then, oh look! A little shrug and her robe is falling off her shoulder.

You want to see a shoe? She’ll shout at someone off-screen to get her shoe. But the best side is always on display.

Don’t tell me this isn’t the best thing that ever happened to you.

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