Bianca’s back

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 2, 2016 20:19:10 December 2, 2016 20:19:10

What are you doing on Sunday? Correct answer: watching Mariah’s World.

Look. As Mimi would say, it’s been a bleak f-cking year. Since September, it’s just gotten bleaker and bleaker. For Mimi especially, OK? Mimi lost BILLIONS. And now she has to work. There is SO MUCH WORK. It’s Christmas, which is her dominion. And she’s doing the Dick Clark Rockin’ Eve thing too. Mimi is taking on jobs. A lot of jobs! No one is suffering right now more than she is. So help her and help yourself and watch her “docuseries” on Sunday night. I will. Because I’m pouting about not going to Hamilton and I need some goddamn joy. What is joy? Joy is watching four people put a pair of shoes on Mimi, on a yacht, obviously, because …well… why do you need a reason?

You know what’s amazing? How we’ve become so used to the fact that she gives interviews on a chaise longue.

In other Mimi news, she was on The Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda this morning which should have been an hour long special with champagne. The most hysterical part is when Kathie Lee and Hoda start asking about Mimi’s new lover, Bryan Tanaka, and they say to her, “He’s cute, you pick cute men!” It’s funny enough when you, you know, consider the man who came before Bryan. And then the look on Mimi’s face. She knows all the layers of involved in a statement like that, “you pick cute men”. Her expression is smug as sh-t. And then she does that thing she loves to do: changes the subject and compliments the décor. That’s a Mimi-ism. The only time you compliment anything other than yourself is when you don’t want to answer the question.

In other Mimi news, Bianca’s back. The only thing more abusive than a difficult pair of shoes is bad lighting.


I can't believe she's back again..ugh! #Bianca #MariahsWorld

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