Mimi received her star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood yesterday. And it was supposed to be all about her. It should always be all about her.


Not when dembabies are around. Which totally makes sense. Dembabies have been raised by a sparkle butterfly who was destined to be praised and admired – and told that she’s skinny – at all times. For them, that’s life, that’s the only real. So why wouldn’t they want to be the main event on a day like that…when their mother is usually the only main event?

Please. Do not try to upstage your mother. This video is the most amazing amazingness you’ll see all week.

Moroccan comes up and wraps his arms around her. SHE DOESN’T LOOK AT HIM.

Moroccan tries to kiss her breast. SHE DOESN’T LOOK AT HIM.

Moroccan moves over to lie down on her hip. SHE DOESN’T LOOK AT HIM.

Moroccan fidgets and leans in closer. SHE DOESN’T LOOK AT HIM.

My girl was completely unfazed about her kid coming to get in a moment with her. My girl has no time for this kind of distraction.

You’ll see, she only looks at him when he’s being taken away. And not for long because, obviously, she’s posing. Child, do not get in the way of your mother posing. Don’t you know that the hair can’t be touched?