This is how my mother says “Thank God!” It happens a lot with the immigrant China people. They pluralise inappropriately and have problems with conjugation and adjectives and adverbs. Like she’ll often say – I’m so exciting! when what she means of course is that she’s so “excited” . I have never bothered to correct her because, frankly, it’s hilarious.

Anyway, thanks God indeed.

Because it’s been a dark few days.

And we needed some cheering Mimi cheese styles.

And finally she has emerged, full of cheese, with her dog Jack, to lift us, temporarily, from the sh-ts.

Mimi is shooting a video today in New York. Check out the way she exits her Bentley. How she eats up all the adulation. And the posing. Don’t you love the posing? My favourite is the Over the Shoulder pout. I also really enjoy the Pretend to Look Off Into the Distance option. It reminds me of those hideous grad photos they make you take after university “embracing the future”.

Let us always be grateful for Mariah Carey. The world without her would be so unimaginably dull.

Photos from Mejia / Asadorian /