Dean sent me this beautiful photo the other day that he found on Tumblr. Have you ever seen anything so ...perfect? Whoever created this image knows our Mimi. Of course Mimi would go into battle with a wind machine and her cleave out to offer, smiling.

We find Mimi today in London. There was an impromptu photo shoot that happened outside her hotel. Naturally her lambs always know where to find her. Or she’ll just make everyone wait until enough people show up to form a crowd. I’ve often wondered whether or not her handlers actually hire the same people to follow them from destination to destination without her knowing. It’s not like Mimi would recognise any of the same faces.

Anyway, Mimi’s been teasing this poster on Twitter: MC Summer 2012. Everyone thinks it might be a new song since she’s been back in the studio the last few months. The thing about Mimi though is that, well, her definition of a “surprise!” and a “treat!” is just that - her definition. MC Summer 2012 might just be Nick Cannon getting a new butterfly tattoo in her honour. It could be the announcement of a new tour. It could be Mimi recording another meaningless video message to her lambily in a stairwell. It could be a photograph of her sleeping. Because isn’t that the true gift? Don’t ever question her generosity, ok?