Mimi had two dates for Christmas this year: Santa (as always, at this point she’s practically Mrs Claus) and her credit card.

As you know, as we all know, Mimi and Nick Cannon are over. As you know, as we all know, Mimi spends every Christmas in Aspen. What about the kids? I thought for sure she’d post some shots with the kids on social media but the only photos she put up were of her with Santa, naturally…



And her with two of her seasonal carriers:


With Vixen and Blitzen 😉😉 #RealReindeer

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The lengths this woman will go to avoid walking: wheelchairs, bodyguards, and reindeers.

But no twins?

Here’s a tweet from Nick Cannon:



Sounds like Dembabies were with the ex, non?

Poor Mimi was alone!

So she went shopping at Louis Vuitton.