The Show Must Go On

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 12, 2013 19:50:48 July 12, 2013 19:50:48

I was despondent over the news the other day that our Butterfly Mimi had been injured because some motherf-cker let her walk around by herself in heels without holding her. Mimi dislocated her shoulder and cracked her rib. It was bleak, as she would say. BLEAK.

But she managed to tweet a photo of herself in the hospital, with a sling, on a gurney. A gurney!

This should be her new transportation – everywhere on a gurney; performing on a gurney; recording on a gurney; eating on a gurney; raising her kids on a gurney; PTA meetings on a gurney.

Needless to say though, Mimi’s sling is cockblocking her unparalleled beauty and how much she can show off her body. Still, in her words, The Show Must Go On, and she is going ahead with her charity performance on Sunday, with much sacrifice, NATURALLY:

“In a sling, but will do my best to make it look good w/ the ensemble Sat w/ the NY philharmonic, an amazing honor for such a great cause.”

Oh, it’s only just beginning. If you’re lucky enough to see her at the show, you’ll be hearing about it non-stop. Every time she hits a high note, she’ll pause and tell you that it could have been higher, but did you know, have you heard? SHE HAD AN ACCIDENT.

It’s like how she does on the Home Shopping Network, only in front of a live audience. And in those moments, we ALL win.

Here’s video Mimi leaving the hospital at some point yesterday. You’ll note…she’s in a gown. Not a hospital gown, but a proper gown. Also… it’s in black and white, just like the picture of her on her gurney. Black and white Mimi is a shadow of the Technicolor Mimi. Black and white Mimi is Mimi at half-mast. Black and white Mimi means the lighting in the hospital was sh-t and she couldn’t get her makeup done properly.

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