They went out, though did not pose together, in Paris last night for a party. God she is gorgeous. Look at that face, and without a lot of makeup. SO beautiful, right? I can’t wait to see her in The Dark Knight Rises. I can’t wait to see WHO she is. How does Christopher Nolan keep his sh-t so tight?

Remember when Guillaume Canet was in The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio? This is what happens during a bad crush. You pick up every association.

Anyway, most of you probably never saw it but for those of you who did, and who are also fans of Jeux d’Enfants (I LOVE that movie), you should be well aware of Canet’s appeal from Last Night (terrible movie). What was hilarious to me was that in Last Night, Canet’s romantic adversary was Sam Worthington.

Sam Worthington, to me, on a desire scale, is straight up GROSS. Like, vile. There are many reasons why that film didn’t work but one of them, for me, is how that would have ever been a choice. Between Guillaume Canet and Sam Worthington? I realise there are preference debates all the time. What’s up Benedict Cumby? Him I can allow that his talent is a major factor. But there are situations that are so cut and dry for me, I cannot see any other angle. In what world would you rather Sam Worthington over Guillaume Canet?