Does it seem like Marion Cotillard has spent the last 3 months promoting movies? There’s almost been no break for her. First it was Allied, with Brad Pitt. Then Assassin’s Creed, with Michael Fassbender. And now Rock’n Roll, written and directed by her partner, Guillaume Canet. They were super cute yesterday while promoting the film in France.

Rock’n Roll sounds kind of tongue-in-cheek autobiographical? Marion plays herself. Guillaume plays himself, a 40-something year old actor in a wonderful relationship and they have a son and, well, judging from the trailer he starts reassessing – and remodelling – his image…partly by f-cking a younger actress? 

Aaaaand… after all that nonsense about Brad Pitt cheating on Angelina Jolie with Marion, now this. I wonder if they’ll say that Rock’n Roll is Guillaume and Marion’s By The Sea.