Oh come on. You didn’t have a crush on Luke Skywalker? Fine. I did. Bad. In a pre-puberty way, I think, but still, it was a crush. Look at him back then! He was what a crush was supposed to look like. And you were too young to be annoyed by his f-cking whining. When he was bounding through the marsh while training with Yoda in a tank top and you didn’t know why you needed to close your legs?

I’m not saying the Luke Skywalker Crush was the defining crush of your early sexuality. I’m just saying that I was Elaine Skywalker for a minute. And that we were all, probably, sister wives for a time.

Anyway, here’s Mark Hamill last night, with Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher, the Originals, at the big ass Hollywood premiere, finally making an appearance, even though there’s been so much angst about where he’s been, where he is. Luke is not on the posters. He does not appear in the trailers. For months people have been rumouring. Did Luke turn to the Dark Side? Something something about the way he finally killed Darth Vader – with hate and anger, and not free-flowing love, the mark of the Dark and not the Light and Right. But I’m not going into this carrying any worry. In fact, I already know I’ll love it. Because I’m seeing it in a licensed theatre that serves fried pickles. And, well, I believe JJ Abrams knows what he’s doing.

If you’re curious though, even though reviews are embargoed, early reaction is VERY strong. Click here to read some of the comments.