I didn’t know there would be new photos of Mark Ruffalo when I namechecked Mark Ruffalo just now in the previous post about Timothy Olyphant but look, here he is arriving in Venice today looking scruffy and rumpled and…delicious.

Mark is there because Spotlight is screening out of competition at the Venice Film Festival. The festival opens tomorrow with Everest. After Venice, Spotlight is also coming to TIFF with Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Liev Schreiber, and Mark too to build momentum for a run at the Oscars. That would be two years in a row for Michael. And the buzz around Spotlight is strong – it’s about the Boston Globe’s coverage of the Catholic priest scandal so there’s a lot at play here: the church and the cover-up, the value of investigative journalism, and the effect on the community.

PS. Mark is wearing the sh-t out of these jeans.