I mentioned Daddy’s Home yesterday in my post about Chris Hemsworth and In The Heart Of The Sea – click here for a refresher. The question was about the audience for that film because Star Wars is eating everything. Some of you wrote back to say that In The Heart Of The Sea is for our dads. Makes total sense.

If In The Heart Of The Sea is for our dads though, who’s Daddy’s Home for?

Again, as I said, it’s for assholes like me. How do you win Star Wars counterprogramming? Well, Paramount is hoping the answer is the Mark Wahlberg Will Ferrell combination. That’s not to say that I’m not seeing Star Wars – obviously I have my tickets already – but going to the movies on a lazy Wednesday afternoon is one of the best things about the holidays. On those occasions you need a brain-free option. This is what I mean about Daddy’s Home. I’ll eat a lot of fried pickles, chase that with a beer (the VIP theatres in Toronto are AMAZING with in-seat service), laugh a few times, and come out 90 minutes later feeling dumber but happy. Yes, this is the downfall of civilisation.

On The Social, there are two names that, when said aloud, our audience goes f-cking bananas. One of them is Mark Wahlberg. Marky Mark has never done it for me. Not with the Funky Bunch, not during Calvin Klein, never. But I have learned I’m in the minority. Because ladies LOVE Marky Mark. I hate Marky Mark. F-ck I hate him so much. So now I’m hating myself because I’ve just written a whole post about seeing his movie. What’s the brain-free solution, then? What’s the stupid movie alternative to Daddy’s Home that will make it so I don’t have to support Marky Mark?


Here’s Marky Mark with Will Ferrell in Dublin yesterday.