Mark Wahlberg was at TIFF earlier this week to promote Deepwater Horizon. There is one reason I might – might – see Deepwater Horizon and it’s not Mark Wahlberg. It’s Gina Rodriguez. Most people who go see Deepwater Horizon, however, are going for Marky Mark. Because … I can’t finish that sentence. Perhaps you can send me some suggestions.

While in Toronto, Mark talked about that pardon he applied for. You’ll recall, he was a racist, violent asshole when he was younger and now that he’s a Hollywood mogul, he wants that permanently removed from the record. Or he did. Mark revealed to the press at the festival that he’s no longer interested in pursuing a pardon. According to The Boston Globe (thanks Kaluwa!): 

Wahlberg told reporters he regrets asking for the pardon because it served to resuscitate a story that many people didn’t know or forgot about and that he’d worked hard over the past two-plus decades to put the incident behind him.

“If I could’ve done it over again I would never have focused on that or applied,” Wahlberg said. “I didn’t need that. I spent 28 years righting the wrong. I didn’t need a piece of paper to acknowledge it. I was kind of pushed into doing it. I certainly didn’t need to or want to relive that stuff over again.”

The actor did say that applying for a pardon had given him a chance to meet and apologize to one of his victims, and he was grateful for that.

Before you start playing that funky music again, please note how many “I” statements he uses there. It’s still all about him and what he does or doesn’t need. And what he has and hasn’t done. And, tellingly, how he was “pushed into doing it”. Mark Wahlberg got a lot of backlash for that pardon application. First of all, he committed a hate crime – what the F-CK was he doing asking to be exonerated for it? Second, he was asking for a pardon because it would make it easier for him to make more money, like it was inconveniently getting in the way of his business deals. It was gross and he was rightly called out for it and now? Now he’s stepped away from seeking the pardon but trying to tell us that he wasn’t even the one who wanted it in the first place, like other people forced him to do it.

Marky Mark was forced to do something he didn’t want to do? Marky Mark who crushes ice with his eyelids, the same Marky Mark? Marky Mark, the most MAN man in a world of men, was pushed into doing something against his will? PUSHED?

Right. So he takes credit for all the good sh-t because of his man-integrity and man-character but whenever it’s a bad decision, Marky Mark, the real man, blames it on someone else. You sure you want to be fangirling for this guy?