At Comic-Con Marvel had several videos that played during their panel, but they only released one, a new trailer for Doctor Strange. Everything else stayed under the seal of Hall H, because it is possible to show stuff in Hall H and not have it pirated, you just have to consult with thirteen dark wizards and make a sacrifice to Black Phillip, like Marvel does under every blood moon. Among the restricted videos was the one that brought the house down, a mockumentary short by Taika Waititi, director of Thor: Ragnarok, explaining where Thor was during Captain America: Civil War.

Turns out, Thor was chilling in Australia with his flatmate Darryl. He’s just hanging out, pestering his new buddy at work, volunteering with kindergarteners, getting coffee with Bruce Banner, building a conspiracy wall dedicated to the infinity stones, and roasting meat in the sun. You know, normal stuff.

If you’re still on the fence about Taika Waititi, here is three and a half minutes to convince you to get off it. Done in the style of last year’s What We Do in the Shadows—Darryl is a total Stu—Civil War: Team Thor is already better than the entirety of Thor: The Dark World and most of Thor. And it’s even more evidence that Chris Hemsworth is best utilized as a comedic actor. Thor pestering Darryl at work kills me, as does the look on Darryl’s face when he’s vacuuming. Poor Darryl. Thor is a terrible roommate.

Sure this video is funny, but it’s also a brilliant way to introduce Taika Waititi to the Marvel audience at large, most of whom aren’t familiar with him. (His 2010 TEDx talk is also worth checking out.) There’s a weird contingent of Marvel nerds worried that Waititi isn’t taking Thor seriously enough (???)—and he’s been trolling them brilliantly— but I think Team Thor proves what Thor, the weakest link the Marvel franchise chain, has needed all along is to be taken LESS seriously. And Team Thor asks a big, important question that could impact the future of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, and that is: What happens to Darryl?

Attached - Chris Hemsworth on the set of Thor in Australia on Friday.