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Sometimes, and too often lately, there are things you want to unsee and unknow. On Saturday though, it was a privilege to be alive, to see what was possible when, as Anne Helen Petersen wrote in Buzzfeed, “women plan(ned) ahead, read directions, and (got) sh-t done. That’s what made the Women’s March”. Let’s include Anne Helen Petersen herself in that description, because she was out all day in DC, and then filed her piece on Sunday afternoon, working hard to share the message, to show her work, and the work of millions of women around the world united in peaceful protest and, most importantly, in hope. Other pieces worth your reading time – Jia Tolentino wrote about The Radical Possibility of the Women’s March for The New York and, also for The New Yorker, Sarah Larson’s observations from the march, describing the experience “like laughter at a funeral– what else can you do but hold on to who you are and who you love?

Here, at the intersection of the Women’s March and celebrity, let the spotlight shine on Jessica Williams, who was at Sundance to promote The Incredible Jessica James. The role was written specifically for her. And after early screenings at the festival, the consensus seems to be that Jessica Williams Is A Star. It’s a breakthrough breakout performance. And Jessica probably felt the significance of the moment as she said charmingly and hilariously during her introduction that:

“This is really important to me. I just got my braids redone and my edges laid for this screening. If you’re white and you don’t understand what I said, find the nearest cocoa person and ask them to elaborate.  This is Sundance, you guys should open up your minds.”

The next day, in an interview with The Daily Beast, Jessica elaborated on her joke and on what it means to her to be representing this film and this story at Sundance, especially now, when there are more and more representative stories. She also talks about the responsibility of diversity and how she carries that in her work and then, at the rally, she doubled down on that responsibility while sharing her memories of how her mother raised her – to never allow herself to accept “average” for effort. Click here to read the full transcript of Jessica’s remarks at Sundance.  

Jessica Williams was born under the sign of the Snake. As mentioned last week, Snakes should thrive during the Year of the Rooster. This is her time.

As for the Ox… which is my sign…

Three lucky money stars are glowing in favour of the Ox this year. Look out for Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman, who is an Ox. The movie comes out this year. There is, however, one negative star that could affect the Ox spirit, bring down your mood. This star might stir up trouble, rumours, and mess with your mental health. It could also affect your safety, distract you, put you in the path of injury, which would therefore mute your luck. So take your time, slow down, rest, and exercise. Take care of your body and your mind.

The 1949 Ox will enjoy a lot of respect both personally and professionally.

Work should be smooth for the Ox born in 1961.

Entrepreneurial and artist Oxen born in 1973 could have good luck in new projects but are strongly advised to celebrate a big birthday.

1985 Oxen should also make a big deal of their birthdays. And look out for injury throughout the year.

For all Oxen, there may be challenges in April and May. If possible, take it easy during this time and conserve energy. In July and August, there’s a swindle alert. Careful who you trust. It is imperative that you get a lot of rest from November 7 to December 6. That might be a good time to go on holiday. Between December 7 to January 4, 2018, get a full medical checkup with bloodwork.

Tomorrow: Rat

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