Dear Gossips,

There was a new interview with Viola Davis in The Guardian the other day. She is, as she always is, so articulate and so passionate, I feel like I could read a 500 page book of Viola Davis interviews and not get bored. My favourite part though, and the part I immediately sent to Duana, was what she says at the end. As you may know if you’ve been visiting this site a while, we here at LaineyGossip are obsessed with work. This is another reason why Hidden Figures is such a great movie – because it’s about three women at work, who are great at their jobs, and we get to watch them be great at their jobs. Why is it that when confronted with so many obstacles, Taraji P Henson’s Katherine Johnson doesn’t have a moment of crisis? It’s because she knows that math doesn’t lie. Because her math, her work, is always true. For Viola, her math is acting, her work. And so, when asked about winning an Oscar – which she most certainly will – here is her response:

“You know what I know about that? Because I don’t know if that’s going to happen or not. But what I will say about this is, and this is how I keep my perspective, whatever happens, I’ve gotta go back to work. The carpets are going to be rolled up, the people are going to stop calling like that, and I’ve gotta go back to work. And you can’t bring that Oscar on a set, and that Oscar can’t do the work for you. You gotta do it. That’s what I’ll say.”

Viola Davis was born under the sign of the Snake. Snakes and Roosters are compatible and so the Snake will be one of the four luckiest signs during the Year of the Rooster. There are four major stars uniting together to guide the Snake which means that even if Snakes encounter challenges, they will have a lot of help overcoming them. That said, your luck is a draw for shady assholes. Snakes must be careful about who they trust in their inner circle. Be careful of users and abusers.

1941 Snakes should be mindful of romantic temptation.

1953 Snakes might enjoy some lottery luck this year.

1965 Snakes are advised to thoroughly consider all options and opportunities. Do not put faith in the wrong person. This could jeopardise your luck.

1977 Snakes are the luckiest of all Snakes during the Year of the Rooster and should enjoy the admiration of many fans and friends. To maximise on your luck, celebrate your birthday in a big way, surrounded by your loved ones.

1989 Snakes could make very smart decisions this year, assisted by many people helping you behind the scenes. And there may be some food luck with you as well. In Chinese culture, food luck means the money is good.

During the Year of the Rooster, all Snakes should be cautious about friendships and betrayals, particularly from March to May. People will be drawn to you this year, eager to be close to you, but not all of them are true. In November and December, pay close attention to finances and financial transactions. This is a good time to go on holiday.

Tomorrow: the Dragon.

Yours in gossip,