Dear Gossips,

The Year of the Rooster begins tomorrow!

Remember to clean tonight. Wash away the Year of the Monkey to welcome the luck of the new year. Sleep on fresh sheets and in new pyjamas if possible. Don’t wash your hair tomorrow. And feast! Also… no arguments, no confrontation. I find this difficult because I bitch about everything. But if I can do it for a couple of days, you can too. Good luck prefers to land in comfort, not conflict. This will apply for all signs all year. A Rooster is cocky and can be arrogant. Picture him, puffing out his chest, looking to throw his weight around. That might be the temperature that defines the year. We are all encouraged to defuse and avoid tension because with the Rooster presiding over situations this year, things can escalate quickly.

For those who are born under the sign of the Rooster, are two bad luck stars hovering over you and you may experience a lot of pressure this year. “Should I do it or not do it?” “Should I go or stay?” These are the questions you might be asking yourself. When faced with dilemmas, your biggest enemy is yourself. Try not to create even more stress than necessary. You are advised to pay close attention to your family members. And it is strongly recommended that you see the doctor at the beginning of the year for a full medical checkup including bloodwork.

In addition to those bad luck stars, however, there are also two lucky stars shining on Roosters this year. While the power of these two lucky stars might be neutralised by the bad luck stars in this low energy period, if you can minimise your setbacks and be smart about your decisions, they will be there to make sure that what was lost will come back.

Roosters born in 1933 and 1945 should watch where they are going, get a lot of rest, take care of your body. There is the risk of a falling down injury.

1957 Roosters should look out for their partners, particularly their health. Celebrate your birthday with friends and family, the more the merrier. The goodwill and love you receive at this event will protect you.

1969 Roosters will be well-fed this year. In Chinese culture, when you have lots to eat, it means you are comfortable and secure. You may also find the creative inspiration you’ve been looking for. 

1981 Roosters could experience relationship complications. Try to avoid the romantic drama. Think through your choices. Because cheating will derail the path of your luck for many years to come. Serena Williams is a Rooster. It’s a Williams-Williams final tomorrow, just as the Year of the Rooster arrives!

1993 Roosters are also encouraged to celebrate their birthdays in a big way. It will help block bad luck.

If you are the parent of a 2005 Rooster, keep an eye on the emotional wellbeing of your child.

All Roosters are encouraged to surround themselves with as much festivity as possible this year. Go to parties, be around celebration. And, if possible, it is critical that you stay away from funerals. Be extra cautious in March and April. Make no investments during these months. Play it safe and avoid risks. You may be more stressed than usual in August and September. Maximise your rest, conserve energy, and take care of your body. Be mindful of conflict with your partner in September and October. In November, your luck may start to improve. But you must continue to be careful, because a slip-up or a trip-up might set you back for a while. Roosters born in autumn and winter must be particularly vigilant about health.

Roosters may find that love is not easy this year. Don’t force or rush any romantic decisions. Make your health a priority. Major changes could be on the way. Like moving or changing jobs. Your spiritualty and/or faith will help you in these times. Stay present and keep your mind still and focused.

Luck is temperamental, it will fluctuate, ebb and flow – this is true for every sign of the Chinese zodiac. For Roosters, this is not a year to be aggressive. It’s a year to pull back, to be conservative. While you might encounter more roadblocks than usual this year, sometimes taking a small hit means avoiding a bigger, more devastating one. If you handle your challenges wisely, and are prepared for them, you will be rewarded when luck is ready to rise again in your sign.

A recap of all of ma’s Chinese zodiac readings for each sign during the Year of the Rooster is now available at Flare so you can look back on your profile and check in with it from time to time this year.

As is tradition, my ma, the Chinese Squawking Chicken, has prepared 18 lucky charms for Roosters. If you are a Rooster, or if you’d like to give a lucky charm to a Rooster, please email [email protected] with ROOSTER in the message title. Standard contest rules apply.

May we all work together for peace and health and happiness during the Year of the Rooster. HAPPY NEW YEAR! GUNG HAY FAT CHOY!

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,