Matt Bomer and Ryan Gosling are in New York promoting The Nice Guys. This is a post with photos of Matt Bomer. Do you really need words?

OK fine, I’ll give you some words. Matt Bomer, the angel, is wearing white, the colour of angels. And it makes him look even more like an angel.

As for Ryan Gosling, he was on Good Morning America and the Hey Girl thing came up again and, again, he’s like, I don’t know where that came from because I have never said Hey Girl. Also he’s asked about the new baby and his answer is that, yes, it’s “heaven” but manages to jokingly direct it back to Russell Crowe and the juxtaposition between the happiness of his home and having to be around that piece of crust all the time, continuing to play on their relationship in the movie – and their chemistry is indeed terrific. They are SO GOOD together in The Nice Guys. So good that it should be a franchise.