Do you remember the fake Anna Scott movie in Notting Hill? It was like a super serious space movie, and the little in-movie clip was of Anna Scott looking super serious, in space. That’s what I thought of as I watched the first trailer fir Christopher Nolan’s latest, Interstellar. It looks like a super serious space movie—it looks like Notting Hill. I highly doubt that’s the connection Warner Brothers, and Nolan, wants me to make, but it’s where my mind went.

Interstellar is the latest project from Nolan, who is a graduate of the JJ Abrams School of SECRETY SECRETS, which means details about the movie have been so vague as to be non-existent. (I’ve lost all patience with filmmakers treating fans eager for their next project like enemies in an information cold war. Godzilla just proved it’s entirely possible to successfully market a movie without being obnoxious about or lying to your audience.) But with this trailer we at last have some idea of what at least part of the movie may be about. Since we still don’t know what Anne Hathaway or Casey Affleck have to do with anything, I’m not willing to assume this is the total narrative, but it’s at least the gist of it.

Matthew McConaughey continues his “I’m a real actor now” streak as a single(?) father raising his kids in a futuristic(?) Dust Bowl sort of environment, and he’s a Very Smart Pilot. Michael Caine wants him to go into space to save humanity because there’s no more food, and Anne Hathaway goes with him. Mankind seems to have invented hyperdrive(?), and the mission is to find a habitable planet(?). And Casey Affleck is a farmer? This trailer is totally up its own ass but I’ll see Interstellar anyway. Nolan is always interesting and there could still be aliens or other space monsters in it. Space, you guys. It’s super cereal.