And they’re all calling their agents. Because Megan Fox has given them all a gift. As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Fox will not be a part of Transformers 3. Nikki Finke at Deadline first broke the story yesterday – that Michael Bay had had enough of Fox’s sh-ttalking and dumped her plastic ass from the third film, due in theatres July 2011. Several other outlets subsequently confirmed Finke’s report and by the time Fox’s people tried to damage control, by insisting it was SHE who decided not to re-sign with Transformers, it was too late.

Most people believe that her bad attitude and her constant badass posturing finally pushed Bay to the brink. As noted by Hitfix though, it’s easy to hate on Megan Fox. It’s how her insecurity manifests itself. She’d rather give you a reason not to like her than risk you not liking her when she tries to be likeable.

What really happened? Obviously Bay and Fox threw down. They’re both nuts. Her shenanigans are well documented but, well, he can be an arrogant prick too. The lesson to be learned here however is that unless it’s Clooney/Pitt/Depp/Roberts/Hanks/Jolie/ and very few others, the actor is always the weaker player. Coincidentally, around the same time the Fox bombshell was dropping, Summit announced that Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene were confirmed to return to Twilight for the final installment of the franchise. In other words, they woke up and accepted their lowly place in the world.

Now that Fox is out of Transformers though, you have to think Ashley Greene is one of many, many nameless generic babes working whatever they can to get a meeting with Michael Bay. Greene actually isn’t a terrible candidate as the replacement. After all, good acting isn’t required from Bay’s female characters. All you need is a great body and the willingness to bronze that body, bend it suggestively over a muscle car, and cock about in tight shorts as a trickle of sweat makes its way slowly between your breasts. Ashley Greene, albeit limited in her abilities, has already demonstrated she’s very good at that.

As for Megan Fox... I know you want to hear it, but right now I can’t say it. I don’t think this will be the end of Megan Fox. Not because I think she’s talented, but because burning a Bay bridge doesn’t necessarily mean she has no other options. I also don’t think she’s terribly disappointed about being exed from Transformers either. Her fractured relationship with Bay wasn’t the only reason she wasn’t excited about going back to Transformers. There’s also her friendship with Shia LaBeouf. They were close. There are rumours that there may have allegedly been a regular bootycall situation happening. Until of course Shia met Carey. And supposedly Megan wasn’t happy that she was quickly forgotten.

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