When your boyfriend, who is a prince, like a real life prince, sends a Love Shield out to the world, declaring his passion for you in the most public way possible, I suppose you don’t stay home, away from him. Could you?

It was reported yesterday that Meghan Markle had taken a few days off work on Suits in Toronto. And then she was photographed in London, going out for some groceries, then heading back to Prince Harry’s home at Kensington Palace. Click here to see the photos. This happened when Harry was at Westminster Abbey attending Remembrance services. Today he was at the National Memorial Arboretum in Stafford to observe Armistice Day. Tomorrow Harry, who is Vice Patron of the Rugby Football Union, is scheduled to attend the England vs South Africa match in Twickenham. And then next week, starting November 20th, he will tour the Caribbean, including a stop in Barbados where he is scheduled to meet Rihanna. Meghan will not be going with him. So this is the only time they have together for the rest of the month. Which, again, tells you how intense it must be between them right now.

Harry’s Love Shield was the official confirmation that Meghan is his girlfriend, legitimising her status in his life. It was a serious move indicating the seriousness of their relationship. The next step? Photos. It’s probably the most highly anticipated photo right now, the first photo of Harry and Meghan side by side. You know when Harry was with Cressida Bonas? Their first appearance together at an official event was We Day in the UK. Their second? They were at a rugby match two days later.

And Harry juuuuuust happens to be going to a rugby match tomorrow, while Meghan’s in town. 

After the thoroughly f-cked up week we’ve had so far, wouldn’t that be such a gift? Can we please, please, please have this gift?