It’s been two weeks of Mel Gibson leaks. Summary: he’s racist, he’s allegedly abusive, he allegedly beat the sh-t out of his baby mother Oksana Grigorieva, and they’re haggling over it in court, and there are tapes. She denies releasing the tapes. And so far there have only been transcripts.

Well happy Friday because now we have audio. And reading it is one thing, but hearing it... hearing it is another thing entirely. Below.

I’d say he checked off just about every offensive box on the list here, non? Controlling, bigoted, an emotional terror, a verbal clue into a temper that she claims can supposedly turn dangerously violent...

Yeah, Oksana played it right. She was docile, some will even interpret that she baited him, but the baiting is not fabricating. She baited what was there. And what’s there is now public. Super, super public. This misogynistic, prejudiced bitch, he is DONE.

Interestingly enough, Oksana is reportedly accusing Mel of hitting her on January 6, twenty days before the photo below was taken. He’s countering that none of that took place. But Radar posted that there’s another tape that proves he did in fact assault her. Radar’s been all over these tapes from the very beginning, even before TMZ. If they were right about the tape you just heard above, they’re probably right about the one in which Mel admits that the beating took place.

Mel Gibson is a motherf-cker. We don’t need to rehash it over and over. Mel Gibson is NOTHING. The more significant issue however, as I noted several days ago, is what the industry reaction will be. Specifically, what of Jodie Foster? I’m not mentioning her name facetiously. They collaborated on their next project. And she stood by Mel Gibson. She put him in her new movie. She supported him at the premiere in January of The Edge of Darkness, seen here January 26 on the carpet with both Mel and Oksana. Jodie is sold as one of the best models for women in Hollywood. Jodie is one of the most respected people in Hollywood. When all this settles, he will go to his friends, he will lean on his allies, as he did on Jodie at this premiere, and for The Beaver. So how do you reconcile something like this? Will EVERYONE in Hollywood shun Mel Gibson? Or will he slowly fold himself back inside? And if he does, what does it say about the people who help him?

Photo from Kevin Winter/