Well, for the 12 of us who watched and still miss Friday Night Lights, and the 8 of you who watch and love Parenthood, obviously the most important actor in these photos is Michael B Jordan...

And Michael B Jordan just happened to have a very, VERY good Sundance.

Jordan’s film Fruitvale, about the last day in the life of Oscar Grant who was fatally shot (even though he was not resisting arrest) by a transit officer in Oakland in 2009, was considered one of the major highlights of the festival. After what was reportedly a very competitive bidding process between several studios, The Weinstein Company secured the deal. Already they’re talking like it’s an award season contender for 2014, the next Winter’s Bone/Little Miss Sunshine/Beasts Of The Southern Wild. The Hollywood Reporter’s Todd McCarthy compares Jordan to a young Denzel Washington.

We know! He was Vince Howard. And before that he was Wallace!

Until everyone else figures it out though, unfortunately, the job that pays right now is Zac Efron’s wing-man.