There’s a really great double profile on Ryan Coogler and Michael B Jordan in the new issue of New York Magazine this week. The interview took place just before Christmas. Shanice’s I Love Your Smile is mentioned early on in the piece. So, obviously, I loved every word.

What I love most though is how these two want to work, the projects they talk about, and how those projects will not only change the conversation about diversity in film but also begin a new conversation about black film. As Ryan said:

“Black art, it’s so complicated. Because there is no white art. Because, whether people want to admit it or not, you know, in this country, in this culture, white is seen as the norm. Because there’s no need to identify it as anything, it’s looked at as standard. Which, if you compare and contrast that, there’s an inherent unfairness to it.”

I wrote in early November – click here for a refresher – that Coogler and MBJ are becoming a new Scorsese-De Niro, soon beginning work on their third film together. This partnership has given us Fruitvale and Creed so far. And THEY AREN’T EVEN 30 YEARS OLD YET. Click here to read the New York Magazine article.

Here they are in London last night for the European premiere of Creed with Tessa Thompson and Sly Stallone who apologised on Twitter for omitting Coogler and MBJ from his acceptance speech – while it was still on the air – at the Globes:

MBJ retweeted someone the other night who mentioned that Sly came out during commercial to correct his mistake so it seems as though they’re all trying to not make a thing of it. Which is fine, but if his name is called tomorrow morning and if he does win on February 28th, that’s where you make up for it…big.