Michael Cera meets Fight Club

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Youth In Revolt
opens this Friday. And while I know Michael Cera can be tedious and annoying, the Michael Cera who shows up in Youth in Revolt is more than bearable. If you can’t stand to stand in line for Avatar and if Daybreakers isn’t your thing, Youth in Revolt is worthy of your time this weekend. Ray Liotta will kill you. Steve Buscemi, as usual, is a f-cking badass. Same goes for Zack Galifianakis (why is he suddenly in every movie?), Fred Willard’s absurdity always cracks me up, and the alter ego per Norton and Pitt in Fight Club in too short white pants is a visual that has given me giggle memories for weeks.

Not surprisingly, Youth in Revolt is also generating some very positive reviews. Perfect January release.

As for Michael Cera, have just heard exclusively from a source that he’s now dating Aubrey Plaza – April from Parks & Rec. Remember when she tried out for the beauty pageant? Aubrey is a member of the now powerful funny beat, from the Upright Citizen’s Brigade, was in Funny People and also had a part in Cera’s upcoming highly anticipated Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Variety profiled her this summer. Click here for more. Cute couple.

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