Michael Fassbender surfs with Alicia Vikander

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 1, 2014 16:29:20 December 1, 2014 16:29:20

Michael Fassbender is in Australia working on a film called The Light Between Oceans with Alicia Vikander. They play husband and wife. But it’s not a romance. He looks after a lighthouse. Their marriage is strained because she can’t have children. Then a baby shows up in a boat with a dead body. They keep the baby. It’s a moral dilemma and a lot of sadness.

But not during downtime. Yesterday they were surfing at Bondi Beach with some other friends. There’s nothing here to suggest it’s anything more than colleagues hanging out but…

Well, you know. He’s Michael Fassbender and she’s so nice and sweet and…SO attractive. Look at that face. Look at her skin. And you pervs probably wanted me to get a better shot of what he’s packing underneath his wetsuit but they made an entire movie about that – it’s called Shame. I paid for other shots instead.

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