Michael Fassbender was photographed outside The Groucho Club last night with a non-famous blonde, not exactly his usual target. So... is it happening? On Photo Assumption I’ll say yes based on that sheepish look on his face that can’t be blamed entirely on drunkenness and, since we’re only photo assuming anyway, I’ll add that they probably don’t know each other very well, as this kind of awkwardness implies a lack of familiarity.

You remember the last article I wrote about Fassbender, on March 12? Click here for a refresher. It was about his drinking buddies, Josh Brolin, Mel Gibson, and Bradley Cooper.

Last night, oh look, you know who else was at The Groucho Club, apparently hanging out with MF?

Sean Bean.

Those are some heavy drinking names. And they all get messy.

Fassbender, Bean, Brolin, Gibson...

What could they possibly have in common?

Some women see that at a bar and they go for it. Others, me, I’d get the f-ck out of there.