Rachel M...I have to admit that the dress was horrible but I thought the color was kinda of cool. I do have just one question....Why does everyone like this girl so much? Yes - I saw the notebook and loved it but I"m a huge fan of Ryan and can"t understand why everyone wants them together so much. He appears to be totally in love with her and she gives him the time of day when she feels like it. Doesn"t sound like a totally committed relationship. I guess I just don"t get it since she has the chance to be with him and doesn"t appear to want to commit. Dear Michelle: I have to respectfully disagree. I adore this girl. I think she’s going to be a huge star. I also think she might be growing an ego and if that’s the case, I would love her even more. In fact, I think it could be the burgeoning ego that has inspired you to interpret her relationship with Ryan the way you did above. And while I don’t dispute that this is how things worked at the beginning, we are seeing a full on commitment from both ends now, especially throughout the recent holiday season. As I reported tonight on eTalk Daily, they were ALL over each other at the U of T gym last week. She was working out on a cardio machine when he came to greet her and apparently it was full on tongue and sweaty bodies rubbin’ up against each other in front of an athletic audience. They were also sighted by eTalk spies in Old Montreal this weekend – so romantic – cuddling and keeping warm, inadequately dressed for the frigid temperatures. Which reminds me. One year ago, exactly this past weekend, my husband and I also spent an evening walking along the streets of Old Montreal, feeling in love and moved by our surroundings. I begged him for a pack of ciggies and they only had these frickin’ disgustingly strong smokes, and we sat down at this fabulous bistro for steak frites, ordered a bottle of wine while I sucked back my fag, and within 5 minutes I had a raging case of nicotine nausea and spent half the evening dry heaving in the washroom. Here’s hoping Ryan and Rachel didn’t have the same experience.