New romance for Michelle Williams. His name is Cary Fukunaga. He’s a director. You may have seen his last film. It’s called Jane Eyre? And he’s HOT. You can see it in these photos but if you google, you’ll find even hotter ones. Goddamn.

Michelle and Cary were shot together on Monday in Brooklyn. There was some handholding, there was a walking embrace, she is laughing and happy, seems very happy, and I am happy for her though I’m feeling a little hipster annoyance and I can’t decide whether or not to direct it at her. This is unfair and irrational. I’m sorry.

Once again, Michelle is receiving wonderful reviews for her latest release Meek’s Cutoff, both for her performance and the film itself. The film was directed by Kelly Reichardt who also worked with Michelle in Wendy & Lucy, a devastatingly good movie that was terribly overlooked. What an amazing resumé she’s been putting together. Each and every one of her films has something of value. It’s kinda eyerolly when an actor is all like, I need to be “inspired” by the roles and can’t do anything frivolous anymore, blah blah blah, and it has to mean something to me if I want to spend time away from my kid to go and make it. But you know, if you consider her decisions, and the projects she gets involved with, in her case, I actually believe it more than I’m inclined to from others.

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