It’s time we stopped feeling sorry for former Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams. No, she’s not Beyoncé. She’s not Kelly Rowland. She’s not even the most famous person with her name. These three undeniable truths gave birth to #PoorMichelle, the hashtag and Tumblr that commemorate the times Destiny’s forgotten Child Michelle Williams was overshadowed by our Queen/ Kelly/ life in general. Do yourself a favour today and go down a #PoorMichelle Google hole. It’s worth it. I promise. Gems like this are waiting for you:


Yesterday, a Footlocker commercial featuring Golden State Warrior Draymond Green, former NBA star Horace Grant and Michelle Williams was released and it’s my new favourite thing on the Internet.

That ending? I legitimately laughed out loud in real life. They don’t even need to say “Beyoncé.” We get it. We KNOW. I also love how Draymond is trying to get tips for standing out now that basically all the best players in the league are on his team. Seriously, Draymond is the Michelle on a team of, like, five Beyoncés. OK, Klay Thompson is totally a Kelly.

In this commercial, for the first time in her life, Michelle is the most entertaining part of a group. For non-basketball fans, she’s also the most recognizable of the trio. No disrespect to Draymond and Horace. This is probably Michelle’s favourite thing on the Internet too.

When #PoorMichelle was at the height of its popularity, it didn’t seem like Michelle found it very funny. She clapped back at the hashtag by tweeting, “#PoorMichelle that's not what my accountant said!" That just made it worse. Then, she threatened to hunt down the creator of in a radio interview

That also made it worse. The harder she tried to resist #PoorMichelle, the more popular it became.

That is why I love that she’s in on the joke now. For years, Michelle took herself too seriously. If nothing else, the memes, gifs and tweets taking pity on Destiny’s Child’s Third Best Member are the only things still keeping her relevant. Michelle should be riding that pity to the bank. Before you yell at me, I know she had (has?) a semi-successful gospel career, stint on Broadway and according to her Twitter, a home collection. Whatever, she’s still not Beyoncé. Or Kelly Rowland. Or the most famous Michelle Williams. She NEEDS this.

Attached - Michelle out in London last month.