I don’t mind the spare. On a night when everyone was overdosing on blinding metals, I quite appreciated the stripped down, no-fuss vibe of Michelle Williams’s Louis Vuitton. This outfit is uncomplicated. But it’s beautifully crafted. It’s a machine that does one thing. I’m good with that. And these boots. Louis Vuitton sent out several pairs of gorgeous boots at the MET Gala. You’ll see them all by the time all the posts go up. I want every single one.

The issue here though is her hair. And not just her hair but the combination of the hair and the wrong makeup. This is basically Taylor Swift’s old hair and Brie Larson’s old makeup. It can be one or the other, I suppose, if you have to, but it can’t be both. Imagine keeping the hair as is… but with a stronger eye. Or a quiet eye and a very bold lip. Whatever. Anything but what happened here.