I call it the Beckham move. It’s always a hand on the thigh, possessively, when they’re seated. With those two, it always looks practised, almost calculated: You don’t even know how hot it is when you can’t see.

Here are Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher at the Laker game last night. They’re doing the Beckhams. And, like the Beckhams, they are obviously conscious that they’re being watched. So... natural or unnatural? (That’s a full lid of eye makeup.)

Mila covers the March issue of Allure. During the interview she refused to discuss her relationship, saying she did not want to discuss her “friends”. Click here for more details. Thing is, I don’t think I need her to tell me what it’s like between them. Some of it doesn’t have to be explained.

She’s insanely attractive. I mean, look at her. Look at her hair. Look at her sultry...face. Can one have a sultry face? How else would you describe her face? It’s incredibly sexy. And they both probably feel like she challenges him. Mouthy cool hot girl. She has opinions. And him? Well, that is the great, great, GREAT illusion, isn’t it? The illusion of being The One for him? Do men walk around hoping that they’re The One for her? Or is that a primarily female aspiration?