Written by Duana

So about that dress. I stared at it for a long time. Oddly, the thing that got me wasn’t the cut but the colour, I’m generally not a fan of anything in that kind of candy-fied, pastellish hue. Anyway, as the show went on I told Michelle “Well, I think the colour is actually what saves it from being tacky”.

Her: “I wasn’t aware it had in fact been saved from that.”

Amazing, right? But her wit aside, I think this is both fantastic and perplexing on Mila. It’s amazing that she’s at the Oscars and better still that Justin Timberlake is humbled enough around her that he was on his best, most proper-at-the-Academy-Awards, least look-at-me behavior (and shots from their upcoming Friends With Benefits look really cute).

Lainey: what???? I will disagree later.

It’s delightful that even though she played a role where the whole point was to essentially be the personification of all the sexual primal desires Portman’s Nina couldn’t deal with, that she’s not hypersexualized on the carpet. At least, I don’t see her that way. I know guys do, but I think she’s one of those women who is liked by women. Right? You guys?

Which brings me back to the dress. In black or white, it’s tacky. Negligee, porn-catalogue styles. In many other colours, it becomes Palm Springs grandmother. This lilac colour that I would never ordinarily choose becomes the bridge between sexy and stylish, between fitting in and standing out. She barely cracked a smile at all tonight, which I could really have used but she looked stunning in that odd dress. I bet anything that half the point of it was to appeal to both men and women. So they can both continue to go to her movies, separately and together.

Standby for whether or not it worked.

Photos from Wenn.com