Mila Kunis was at the VISA Screening Room (Elgin) last night promoting Third Person. She walked the carpet at the premiere and was expected at the after-party but didn’t show. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Because Ashton Kutcher was in LA, flying into Burbank airport…with Demi Moore. Apparently they were on the same private plane – perhaps to save money? How frugal! – and TMZ reports they “seemed cordial, if not friendly”. It would mean that the two have put aside the ugliness surrounding their divorce. Which also means he’s free to move on, completely, with Mila, and maybe propose because he sort of definitely kind of wants to marry Mila. At least that’s what PEOPLE said but didn’t really say last week.

Mila fronts like she’s not that girl who needs that guy. But the thing about guys like Ashton is that he ends up turning those girls into that girl, you know what I mean? I don’t want her to be that girl. But…I wonder if we’ve been seeing some signs.