Mila Kunis was photographed yesterday with a simple gold band on her finger. And now everyone's wondering whether or not she and Ashton Kutcher are engaged. Even PEOPLE is making a story out of it, citing sources who say that Ashton definitely wants to marry her although there's no confirmation or really anything reliable to go on other than a certain ring on a certain finger and certain people saying he really loves her.


Ashton Kutcher would propose with a plain piece of jewellery and not a giant diamond? Any diamond?

I don't understand. If it doesn't look like an engagement ring, why do we think it's an engagement ring? Or are we supposed to believe that she's just not wearing the engagement ring and has chosen instead to replace it with a simple one so that we won't suspect? But if she doesn't want people to suspect, why would she put a ring on it in the first place?