Here’s a gossipy coincidence: Mila Kunis is currently in London working on the Wachowskis’ Jupiter Ascending with Channing Tatum. Spotted in London today: Ashton Kutcher, her Shame F-ck turned bonafide, and Macaulay Culkin, her ex-boyfriend for many, many years. From one extreme to the next, non?

Kutcher is in England, presumably, to spend time with Mila while she’s shooting. Culkin was in Paris last week for an event and has evidently extended his stay in Europe. Do you think he knows that she’s there? How does creeping on your exes work for celebrities compared to civilians? Those of you who Facebook and are Facebook friends with your former boyfriends/girlfriends -- are there geographical updates that can be checked? (What? You don’t check? Sure you don’t check. I’m sending you that last sentence with a loooong blink.) Now apply that to those who are famous -- they don’t need Facebook to tell them, they can simply look on blogs and entertainment news sites. TRUST ME, they’re all over the entertainment news sites. I know because I hear from their publicists. In Culkin’s case though, and a rare one, he probably doesn’t. He is probably as disconnected as possible. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t keep in touch. I feel like he and Mila had the kind of relationship where she’d want to keep in touch, if only to worry about him. And I wonder if that contact, as it does when there’s someone else in your life, has decreased now that she and Ashton are so into each other. What would that look like? A friendly dinner starring Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, and Macaulay Culkin?