I LOVE Mila Kunis a lot. I will watch her in almost anything. Even Friends With Benefits. Which is why I’m so gutted that this is happening. That whatever it is with Ashton Kutcher is more than just shamef-cking. Unless shamef-cking now includes getting dressed up for a romantic Italian dinner.

Mila and Ashton were at Giorgio Baldi on Saturday night. They’ve been seen together several times the last few weeks and also leaving each other’s homes. And as much as I would like to believe her denials, there’s only one option here - they’re on and she’s into it and I can’t understand why.

Because Ashton Kutcher is a dick. Not just because he cheated on Demi Moore - but yeah that too - and not just because he’s too dumb to write his own tweets and not just because he’s an arrogant talentless piece of sh-t but if all that wasn’t enough it’s also because he’s not kind. Shouldn’t they be kind?

What does it say about Mila Kunis that she can stand to spend time with Ashton Kutcher? Does it matter? Should it matter? It matters. Does she simply not see it in him or worse... does she see it and not care? Either way it’s disappointing. Mila Kunis seems like the kind of girl, unmistakeably the child of immigrants (we recognise it in each other), who’d rather be a bitch than a disappointment. Where is she now?