Mila Kunis is currently out there promoting Bad Moms. As part of the media tour, she stopped by Howard Stern. And Howard asked her about her relationship with Ashton Kutcher, how they ended up married. Mila obliged. With all the answers. I’ve embedded the audio below but, briefly, if you don’t have 8 minutes to spare right now she reveals that:

-he invited her to his party and initially wanted to set her up with his friend
-when she got there they realised they were super attracted to each other and started making out
-she stayed over that night and broke her dating rule of not staying over at a guy’s place
-they tried to just have casual sex, like their respective movies, Friends With Benefits and No Strings Attached

So…you know… totally not private information AT ALL.

And yet, both Ashton and Mila have been all like, oh, our personal lives are our personal lives and stay out of our personal lives and media intrusion compromises our privacy and blah blah blah. Sounds a lot like Jennifer Aniston, until it’s time to start selling a movie, right?

You could argue that Howard Stern is different. That because he’s kinda one of them, HE’s allowed to ask those questions but no one else is. I totally agree. And you know what that’s called? Cherry picking. Cherry picking is the celebrity’s favourite move.

What happens now then? What happens when someone else who isn’t Howard Stern wants to ask Ashton, “Hey, Mila said on Howard Stern that she stayed over at your place that first night. What do you remember about that night?” Is he going to storm out of the room and accuse that person of invading his privacy?

Attached - Mila Kunis at AOL Build Speaker Series today and at the New York premiere of Bad Moms the other night.