Miley Cyrus is the new face of Marc Jacobs Spring 2014. She’s on a run. It continues. Marc Jacobs is a good partnership. Together they’re a good fit. Miley wore Marc Jacobs at the MET Gala last year. She was perfectly styled for the event. You remember, it was “punk”. Click here for a refresher.

“Moody” seems to be the word that everybody’s using. Fine. But what’s with the body lying next to her? And the one in the background isn’t showing a lot of life either. Ennui. Is this the intended emotion? Or misanthropy? They look so bummed out. Like their ride just bailed. Miley, in particular, seems to be TRYING to be bored/pissed off. And I get that that’s the way models are just supposed to look but I can hear her telling her mouth to do that and telling herself to make her eyes seem that way – the same kind of effort we’ve come to expect from Victoria Beckham…which, I’m not sure Miley’s brand is the Beckham brand. The Beckham brand is POSE HARD and stick it. The Miley brand, we’re told, is Do Whatever And F-ck It. Why doesn’t this feel that way?