They've been official for a few months now, of course, but holding hands while *knowingly* papped is a new stage in a celebrity relationship. This means that they know that we know that they're together and that they're no longer interested in hiding it, nor do they care that we can see it. Here are Minka Kelly and Chris Evans leaving a club together the other night. Hot.

On pure pervy aesthetics, I'm into this couple. They’re fun for the... imagination. And for Minka, it’s major upgrade from, ugh, Wilmer Valderrama with two Rs and only one M that I can never remember.

Many of you are quick to write Minka off as just a body and a social climber. I don’t know if I agree with this. Her relationship with Derek Jeter was relatively undercover for how long they were together. You can’t tell me they were like Kate Bosworth and that fiancé. And she was smart enough to tap out from underneath John Mayer for obvious reasons. And she’s not waving her situation with Chris Evans around all that much either.

I'm down. Come on. Why aren’t you down?