Drop everything and watch this.

It’s new Missy Elliott. And Pharrell shows up too but only in puppet form and, really, it’s really just Missy.

Because MISSY IS BACK and “futuristic”.

I LOVE this video. From the moment we see her in that light up suit to the white lips to the aforementioned puppets dancing, this video stepped up. Seriously, those puppets dance better than I ever could. And speaking of the dance…

With Missy, it’s nothing without the groove. From Missy we’ve come to depend on the groove. And the groove is here. My favourite part is at the 0:50 mark when she takes the lead with three other women in black and white with Biggie hats, in formation behind her, swinging and tailing, like they’re on skates. Except they’re not on skates! It’s just a really sick stutter step timed to choreography! After that it’s the hoverboard. They’re breakdancing on hoverboards. BREAKDANCING. Come on! I want to f-cking do it where they from.

Watch and watch and watch again.