Did it feel weird to you?

Here’s JLD, as glamorous as she ever is in a lovely white one shoulder. As Lainey says, she never really f*cks it up. So – were you surprised that you didn’t see more of her? Like yeah, nominated as per usual, and often she’s part of things. Of a bit, of a joke, of a callback.

But nothing. Was she just not feeling well? One thing I thought of was that there was a section in Amy Poehler’s book where she discusses figuring out a bit to do with Julia Louis-Dreyfus at one of the Emmys. There was nothing even a little bit unflattering in it, but it was a little bit “how the sausage is made”. Maybe JLD just wanted things to feel a bit organic? Maybe she wanted everyone to miss her? Unclear. I missed her. It worked.