Naomi Watts in Paris for Armani Prive. Her hair. Freshly lightened? Or does it just seem that way because she’s wearing white? Whatever the reason it looks incredible. Am also obsessed with how it’s been styled.

You know what the difference is?

The middle part. Before we start arguing about the middle part, please see below and browse through a selection of photos of Naomi with her regular side part and on the few occasions she’s chosen a middle part. The middle part wins every time.

Over the years, I’ve heard from many of you sh-tting on the middle part because, I don’t know, the middle part was so 60s and hippie and then the 80s came around and people decided that flower power was uncool. This is my theory for why the anti-middle part sentiment has lingered. And if you’re one of those people hanging on to that, you need to let it go. Just like you need to let go of not wearing white after Labour Day. These rules are archaic.

Middle is superior!

OK. You can yell at me now. Duana will be joining you, I guarantee.