Last month, Eva Mendes made headlines when she shat on sweatpants. Then Ryan Gosling had to clarify that she was joking. Click here for a refresher. Mendes then went on to discuss her disdain for jeans because they’re uncomfortable. I don’t think she’s wearing the right jeans. I’m wearing jeans as I write. They’re ripped at the knee. And I’d wear them to bed.

Anyway, earlier this week I read an article at Bustle snarking on Natalie Portman. Portman lives in Paris now and was talking about how Paris style is superior. And one of the reasons is because:

“The city is so rich in terms of the architecture, the bookshops you find at every corner, the way everyone dresses so well. No Parisian ever walks around in shorts and even the children look very chic (laughs).”

I wasn’t intending on writing about this…but then, while browsing through the shots from the Chanel presentation in New York last night, I came upon the most AMAZING shorts, as worn by Helen Lasichanh (who is married to Pharrell).

So now someone just needs to make a knockoff. And I’d wear them. To Paris. To wherever-the-f*ck who gives a sh-t? Look at them?!