New trailer for The Great Gatsby just dropped...

And you can hear a few bars of Beyonce’s Back To Black cover collaboration with Andre 3000. There’s also Lana Del Ray, and Florence & The Machine. This soundtrack, produced by Jay-Z, is sounding GOOD.

The film too is...looking better and better.

I admittedly wasn’t very optimistic initially, mostly because of the 3D situation. Is it necessary? I’m still not sure it’s necessary. But then again, if 3D means Leo looks extra, extra pretty, prettier than he’s looked in a long, long time, maybe it is. Because the way he is in this trailer, in only 2 dimensions, sh-t, if it gets better in 3 dimensions, well, some of you might be reinstating Leo on your Five Lists. Me too?

Beyond the aesthetic though, and the music, what really elevates this new preview are the acting and the tension. Joel Edgerton appears to be a formidable onscreen adversary to DiCaprio (and, again, in a case of Hollywood Sliding Doors, remember when this role originally belonged to Ben Affleck?!), Tobey Maguire’s observational narration is exactly the right note, and the chemistry between Carey Mulligan and Leo me stomach knots. In the best way.

Gatsby opens on May 10th and then it’s opening Cannes, as splashy and ostentatious a premiere as you’ll ever see there, pure Baz Luhrmann styles.