Mad Max: Fury Road is the film that keeps showing up on all the “best” lists from critics to guilds to industry associations. And it was a blockbuster, even though there was so much anxiety during production about overblown budgets and production issues. Most experts seem to agree that Mad Max will be nominated for Oscar Best Picture, but they’re not taking any chances. So director George Miller and Nicholas Hoult were in New York today promoting the film before final nomination ballots are turned in on Friday.

Mad Max will also be contending at the Golden Globes on Sunday. But since it isn’t represented in any acting categories, I’m curious who, besides George Miller (and Mel Gibson) will be sitting at the table. Nicholas? Tom Hardy, supposedly, hates these things. Charlize Theron’s gone underground. Nicholas seems like the obvious choice. And that works for me. Partly because he’s beautiful but also because Jennifer Lawrence will be there.