The first thing I texted Lainey after news broke that Nick Cannon is expecting a child with his ex-girlfriend Brittany Bell was, “Is your Butterfly OK?” Nick confirmed that he has a “baby on the way” on The Breakfast Club. “Baby on The Way” is also the title of his new single in case you were wondering. Subtle.

So, of course we’re thinking of Mariah Carey when it comes out that her ex-husband is having another child with someone who looks like this…



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…but we’re also thinking of Nick Cannon’s most recent girlfriend Rozonda Thomas aka Chilli from TLC. In August, I wrote about how hard I was feeling their hookup when Page Six reported that things were getting serious. Nick Cannon and Chilli were spotted going on date nights up until a few weeks ago. During his interview on The Breakfast Club, Nick called Chilli “his heart” but said, “I’m not in a place to handle a woman like that.” The f-ck does that mean?

Charlamagne Tha God, the greatest interviewer of our generation, was quick to call out Nick on how bullsh-t that sounds but Nick still refused to clarify exactly where his relationship with Chilli stands. To me, it seems like Nick Cannon is still doing whatever he was doing with Chilli while he still does whatever he does with his baby mama Brittany Bell. His relationship with those “exes” sound complicated but when asked about Mariah, he was pretty clear. This is what he said about not knowing that Mariah and her billionaire fiancé broke up:

“I’m on a need-to-know basis. As long as my kids are good… I don’t need to know none of that other stuff.”

He also goes on to say that during every fight with Mariah, she would threaten to leave him for a billionaire. Of course she did. This is why we love her. When I wrote about Nick’s relationship with Chilli, I wondered if Mariah would pimp out her then upcoming wedding even more to one-up Nick’s new girlfriend. Now that there’s no longer a wedding, what will Mariah do to distract from the news that this woman …



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…is the mother of her twins’ new brother or sister? My guess is a super sexy Instagram bathtub photoshoot.

The same day Nick confirmed his baby news, TMZ posted details of Nick and Mariah’s divorce settlement:

The settlement says neither Mariah nor Nick can allow the kids to address a new significant other as mom, dad, mommy, daddy, father, mother or any facsimile thereof.

So now I’m curious, according to Mariah, what is the appropriate way for her kids to address Nick’s new mother of his child? (Lainey: easy. “I don’t know her.”) I’ll say it again: THIS is what her reality show should be about.

Here’s Nick’s full interview with The Breakfast Club.

Attached - Nick at The Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show this week.