Nicki Minaj finally responded to Remy Ma’s shETHER at the end of last week with a track called No Frauds and two other new songs with Drake and Lil Wayne. As I wrote last week in my post about Nicki’s “answer”, No Frauds really isn’t a diss track. It’s an attempt at a new hit song… which, really, was the best she could do since Remy pre-empted any effective response anyway. Which is why Nicki’s only move was to exploit the considerable fame difference between them and use that to redirect the conversation.

And that’s exactly what’s happening. Drake is currently touring Europe. And Nicki joined him on stage in Paris last night:


Family ♥️ @champagnepapi

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In addition to that video and Nicki surrounding herself with her famous friends and colleagues, Nicki’s Instagram is all about how hot she looks in her PVC bodysuit:


🎀She see my sexy ass every time she scroll🎀🦄

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That one is probably a direct shot at Remy. And… well… I’m no hip-hop adjudicator but I’m not sure that a picture of yourself looking sexy is the way you respond to someone’s lyrical bullets. Basically what Nicki’s doing here is saying, um, I can’t out-rap you but I’m prettier than you are!

As for Drake… remember when he said initially that his new album, More Life, was coming out back in December? That didn’t happen, obviously, and his tour kept getting minor delayed, and finally, he’s announced a new release date for More Life: March 18th.



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Well now, after a four month delay, it better be worth it.