I’ve been waiting a while for new photos to post of Nicolas Cage. Like 3 months, actually. That’s how long it’s been since his awesome interview with The Guardian  in July. I mean, this is what you want in a Movie Star. They water them down too often these days. Sometimes though, especially the ones from a certain generation, if you let them fly, they will come back with gold.

Here’s an example of the kind of gold Nic Cage will give:

On how his mood informs his characters:
"I invite the entire spectrum, shall we call it, of feeling. Because that is my greatest resource as a film actor. I need to be able to feel everything, which is why I refuse to go on any kind of medication. Not that I need to! But my point is, I wouldn't even explore that, because it would get in the way of my instrument. Which is my emotional facility to be able to perform."

See? He entertains. That’s his JOB!

And there’s more. When asked about Sean Penn, who once kinda sneered at Cage’s work by saying "He's not an actor, he's a performer”, Cage replied:

"In a way I agree with him. I would rather be a performer than an actor. Acting to me implies lying. 'He's the greatest actor in the world' is like saying, 'He's the greatest liar in the world.' To perform, in my opinion, is more about emotion."

Do you get it? Nic Cage is all about FEELING. And his feelings are limitless:

"I can't get used up. It's not possible, because I am open to the world."

Anyway, there’s so much more in this piece, like Lisa Marie Presley, and his money issues, and how he knows why people laugh at him and it’s OK. Click here to read it.

Here’s Cage coming from China yesterday where he was working on a new movie. But this makes sense, non? Just this week China released its box office numbers. Almost $3 billion in just 9 months representing a 35% increase over last year. The movie business is HUGE business in China. That’s why Hollywood is trying to suck so much Chinese dick. And for someone who’s had some cash problems…

Before departing, Cage was interviewed on Chinese television. And he went for it. He lamented the lack of Chinese actors in Hollywood films. He campaigned for the plight of the Chinese actor. And of course he offered his services to the Chinese acting community:

“I do want to come back, and I want to work with a Chinese director and Chinese actors. If there’s something that makes sense for a white guy like me, I’d like to do that here in China.”

In particular, he wants to work with my love, Tony Leung Chiu Wai.

“I would like to make a movie with Tony, but I don’t know how to do it. I want to do it.”

Please. I want him to do it too. Tony is the subtle actor’s actor. Tony Leung’s acting is pretty much the opposite of Nicolas Cage’s acting. If you watched Tony’s face in one scene you’d think it was a tragedy. If you watched Nic Cage in the same scene, you’d think it was Fast & Furious. Seriously, somebody make this happen.